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Image Test Labs Announces the U.K. Launch of its Revolutionary Printed Image Assessment Service

Introduction coincides with participation of principal developer, Henry Freedman, at IPEX World Print Summit

March 18, 2014 —Image Test LabsTM (ITL), a division of Technology Watch, LLC, announces that it is launching its innovative, intuitive color management and press grading process in the U.K. ITL’s patent pending process measures the acceptance of an image rather than the image itself against a well-defined, objective list of performance parameters. The ITL report grades key press performance factors on an intuitive scale of A through F, rather than displaying performance as complex data such as average multiple delta-E, microns, and density units. Anyone can understand an ITL report, quickly and intuitively.

“ITL has had rapid growth and we have made a lot of progress since we launched the service in the U.S. in October. We have worked with print providers who want to understand how their particular presses are operating as well as press manufacturers who want a unique perspective of their presses’ performance before they are released to the field,” explains Henry Freedman, one of the company’s principal developers. “We’re getting such quick adoption now that at IPEX we have decided to introduce the service to users in the United Kingdom.”

The introduction coincides with Freedman’s participation as a speaker at the IPEX 2014 World Print Summit. As a panelist during the session “Colour Confidence – An Audience with the Innovators,” Freedman will discuss ITL’s recently-developed color measurement and press grading process and explain how it is changing how the industry evaluates digital and conventional presses. The panel will be held during Ipex March 27 from 3:00-3:45pm.

Some of the many benefits and applications of the ITL grading report include:

  • Enables print providers to take full advantage of their existing presses, making it easier to produce printing economically.
  • Assists in communicating servicing needs to vendors.
  • Helps prevent ill-advised used press investments.
  • Allows for easy comparison of different printing materials and processes.
  • Shows how a given press compares to other presses of the same model and to presses from other manufacturers.

Testing is a simple process. Users need only load the PDF target provided by ITL, print three sets on the press or imaging device, and mail two sets to ITL. ITL does the rest. “Based on the results we have delivered to date, customers find the process universally simple. All users have to do is to print a target set and mail it to us,” says Freedman.

Services include the standard ITL grading report for digital sheet-fed toner presses, wide format printing equipment, web printing, offset presses, proofing devices, or photo imaging devices.

Other services include:

  • PressFaxSM — Assesses the print quality of presses for prospective sale or purchase. A customer can see what a press is capable of before investing in it.
  • Before and AfterSM— Two test runs on a single press using the same settings and materials, but at different times. For example, if a press requires servicing, you can test the press before and after the service to monitor improvement.
  • Head to HeadSM— Assessment targets that compare two of the same model printers. Use it to compare one press to another, or to compare different papers or settings on a single press.
  • ITL Test PackSM — A set of four test runs at a reduced price.

The ITL grading service is available at Services are priced at approximately 285£ to 585£ (pricing may vary depending upon US dollar conversion rates—US pricing is from $470 to $974). Quantity discounts are available.

“We are already helping businesses in the U.S. make better equipment purchase, production, and QA decisions based upon the results they have received from us,” adds Freedman. “We look forward to doing the same with companies in the United Kingdom.”

About Image Test Labs
Image Test Labs (ITL), a division of Technology Watch, provides an image test service for the most commonly used commercial color printing technologies, offering an easy-to-understand grading system. For more information or to order, visit

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