Spotlighting the 2016 MUST SEE 'EMS Winners

October 31, 2016

The MUST SEE ’EMS Awards provide valuable guidance to enterprises that are considering the purchase of new equipment or software. GRAPH EXPO exhibitors submit their newest products for award consideration. More Information >>>

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Highlighting Two Winners Each Week

Must See EMS 2016 This Week's Highlighted Winners:

  1. BCC Software’s Integratec API Platform
  2. Scodix’s Ultra Pro Digital Print Enhancement Platform with Scodix Foil Introduced

Company Name: BCC Software
Product Name:
Integratec API Platform

Introduced to U.S. Market: June 7, 2016
First Shipped to U.S.: June 7, 2016
Product Type:
API Presort Toolkit

The Integratec API Platform Presort Toolkit enables mailers to automate their USPS mailing preparation process, including seamless integration of presort into other up and downstream processes. Creating a fully automated mailing workflow is no longer a pipe dream. Many of the largest mailers have been able to realize real cost savings and quality improvements by leveraging internal Information Technology teams and custom software applications. Thanks to Integratec, optimized and automated workflows have become a reality for companies of every size.

The Presort Toolkit for the Integratec API Platform provides everything needed for integrating presort into your workflow. When you license the API, you will get three modules, each with its own unique set of capabilities:

  • Essentials – This module serves as the foundation for Integratec, handling basic functions like import and export, data modification, and indexing.
  • Presort – This module performs all presort capabilities, including ordering of records, rate qualification, and groupings.
  • Reporting – This module delivers all documentation and labels required to finalize your presort and induct mail into the USPS mail stream.

The API is built on a modular, scalable architecture allows software to be run on any number of machines across different environments, depending on the requirements of each customers environment. This unique setup allows mailers to fine tune performance by scaling the number of workers performing under the control of the master and distributing the load across multiple machines.

Why It’s a “Must See”
The Integratec API Platform is transformative technology from the industries most respected software provider. Integratec is so innovative it has not true direct competitor. It encompasses some concepts and features that no other presort API can match including:

  • Performance: The modular design allows for deployment on a single machine or group of machines. The scalable architecture allows for a limitless number of concurrent threads. Asynchronous requests using the json-schema further boosts speeds. The end result is processing power that can be tuned to the specific performance needs of any size mailing operation.
  • Security: Integratec employs ZeroMQ messaging with the Curve ZMQ protocol, meaning the API is able to pass even the most stringent security requirements for mailers in industries like healthcare and finance.

With code samples and wrappers available in modern languages like .NET and Python, mailers are able to get up and running with a fully integrated and automated mailing process very quickly. Mailers that adopt Integratec into their workflow are able to increase productivity and reduce waste to unprecedented levels. As a result, per job costs are lower and they have capacity for additional work, effectively maximizing the profitability of their operation.

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Spotlight No. 2 for This Week’s EditionMust See EMS 2016

Company Name: Scodix
Product Name: Scodix Ultra Pro Digital Print Enhancement Platform with Scodix Foil

Introduced to U.S. Market: Sept. 13, 2015
First Shipped to U.S.: Jan. 3, 2016
Product Type: Scodix UltraPro Digital print enhancement platform including Scodix Foil

Scodix UltraPro Digital print enhancement platform offering 9 different applications in one system. The Scodix applications include: Scodix Foil, Scodix Sense, Scodix Spot, Scodix Metallic, Scodix Braille, Scodix VDP/VDE, Scodix Glitter, Scodix Cast & Cure, Scodix Crystal, Scodix. All printed on one system.

The printing market demands differentiation, and a possibility to stand out. High quality CMYK is not enough. The Scodix Ultra Pro platform, enables exactly that. Taking any CMYK file and making it a masterpiece of printing enhancement, using variety of options, all digital, without any set up, molds or dyes.

The Scodix Foil Station runs in-line with the Scodix Ultra Pro Digital Press, delivering unmatched foil enhancement capabilities, including high gloss, embossed, variety of densities for short to medium runs, using a highly advanced, highly-efficient digital process. Scodix Foil is ideal for commercial printers, coping with short to medium runs, who today have to outsource the foil application or to use a long and expensive make ready process including molds and dies, as well as for converters doing high-end short up to medium runs.

Scodix Foil deploys a wide range of hot and cold industry standard foil films, coupled with a variety of substrates, including offset, digital, plastics, laminated/non-laminated, and coated/ Without coating Applications include business/greeting cards, folders, book covers, brochures, labels, packaging and more.

There is no such press on the market today that can print up to 9 different applications, and combination of applications all on 1 system. Providing a business tool to any Print service provider to “enhance his competitive edge.”

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