Our Mission

OutputLinks exists to centralize, simplify and accelerate the sales, purchase, research and implementation process in the HVTO industry.

Who We Serve

We serve those who buy, sell, use, manage and provide resources within the high volume transaction output (HVTO) industry.

What is the HVTO Industry?

High volume transaction output (HVTO) industry is a high value market that spans the computer, printing and internet industries. The focus of the HVTO industry is to assemble, produce, manage and deliver high volumes of individualized transaction documents created to either print or internet output devices.

HVTO documents include highly individualized, high volume computer output such as bills, statements, invoices, broker confirms, insurance policies, and corporate financial documents used in the transactional conduct of corporate business. These documents are usually of a short life and need to be re-generated from new data on a recurring basis.