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By Jeffrey Duke                                                                                                                 Owner- JD and Associates Pressroom Consulting To keep offset alive, we must keep the presses running well. By this I mean, when something breaks, or it's just not running like it was, fix it! I believe if we want to attrac... Read More

How to Get Students Interested in Print Companies throughout the industry (and this includes suppliers) are facing a common problem. They have an increasing number of employees who are reaching retirement age and are wondering where they are going to find replacements for these skilled workers. Read More

By Sid Chadwick “We called it… ‘Trinkets and Trash’….until we saw how much money we could make on it….”………Business Development Director’s Peer Group Member INTRODUCTION:Trinkets and Trash……? Advertising Specialties….are not merely an extra line of revenue…..from which your customer has learned, the hard way….….”Don’t trust your purchasing dollars w... Read More

By Sid Chadwick “It is necessary for us to learn from others’ mistakes. You will not live long enough to make them all yourself.”…….Hyman George Rickover INTRODUCTION: We listened to the CEO’s frustrations…for about two hours. People were not making good decisions, especially with how they used their time, and how their production schedule was bein... Read More

Bell Litho, a multi-generation family owned commercial printer based in suburban Chicago, recently installed a KODAK NEXFINITY Digital Press. It is the first installation of a Kodak NEXFINITY Press in the region. The decision to install the latest press is part of Bell Litho’s ongoing commitment to provide its customers with an expanded range of ap... Read More