2D code variety

September 26, 2006

2D Code Variety

By Fraser Ross


How many 2D codes are there to choose from?


Much of this column space has been used to cover 2 of the more popular 2D codes. Those 2 are PDF417 and datamatrix. This does not surprise me since they have been chosen by industry and government more often than other codes. Some of the applications requiring these 2 codes are:

The USPS has approved the use of both PDF417 and datamatrix for postal operations and mail.

Many post-processing vendors have chosen these as the symbology of choice for controlling inserting stations.

Various state governments have chosen PDF417 as the symbology for some labeling in the transportation industry.

Some state insurance regulators have chose PDF417 symbols for ‘proof of insurance’ ID cards.

Many states use PDF417 for coding additional information on your drivers permit.

As you may have seen in previous columns, they see the following advantages, aling with the fact that information can be encrypted for additional security:

Reduced size

Increased capacity


Ease of use

Ease of installation

Compatible with many different scanners

There are many other 2D codes that could address your needs. Some of them you may know about, including Maxi-Code which is used primarily by the UPS company. Others include QR-Code, Aztec code and other specialized symbologies.

COPI would like to help you choose the right barcode for your applications, whether it be linear or 2D codes. Call me to discuss this.

For background information about 2D symbologies and COPI's CodeZ products, please click here.

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