Installing 2D Symbologies

September 11, 2006

Installing 2D Symbologies

By Fraser Ross

How complex is the process of printing 2D codes?

2-dimensional bar codes are the next generation of bar code symbology. This class of barcodes is gaining tremendous popularity because of the amount of data that can be placed into a very small area. This is very important given the premium of document space available on most documents. Often a 2-dimensional barcode symbol has 20-100 characters encoded and the symbol can be smaller than ½-inch square. Creating a 2-dimensional symbol is actually quite straightforward.

Unlike linear barcodes that you now use, you will need an encoding subroutine that performs an extremely sophisticated mathematic algorithm on data passed to it from your application. The encoder is often invoked as a 'called' routine from an existing application. The output of an encoder, called code-words, is a text string that when printed with the appropriate font, creates a 2-dimensional bar code symbol. Because you are dealing with a text string at this point, you are free to use many Document Composition software packages or Windows applications. It is when the font is invoked with this text, that you will see the 2D symbol.

This symbol can be scanned and decoded by any scanner that conforms to the official specifications of the symbology. Examples of 2-dimensional symbologies are DataMatrix, PDF417 and QRCode.

For background information about 2D symbologies and COPI's CodeZ products, please click here.

You can read more about 2D symbologies by reading my archives by pressing here. For more information on the exciting technology, feel free to email me at fr@888999copi.com or me at 888-999-copi ext. fr

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