CodeZ QR Enables Transpromo Cross Media

December 28, 2009

CodeZ QR Enables Transpromo Cross Media

At Print ’09, COPI and Océ are demonstrating how CodeZ QR transforms printed communications. Here’s how to make print clickable and increase response rates!

By Joe Barber, COPI

Have you wondered about the next evolution of transpromotional and transpromo printing? Did you ever hope that you could make your statements and printed documents more interactive? At this week’s Print ’09, thousands of attendees got the chance to find out how CodeZ QR can take transpromo to the next level.

At Print 09 (now through Sept. 16, 2009) COPI is conducting a joint promotion with Océ to demonstrate how CodeZ QR transforms printed communications by making print clickable. Océ has also been showcasing numerous applications of CodeZ QR, and attendees have been witnessing firsthand how CodeZ QR can increase response rates through the reduction of barriers to response and how it enables greater measurability of printed campaigns.


Océ chose CodeZ QR as its partner for this promotion based on the tremendous buzz and excitement that’s been generated since the launch of CodeZ QR last December. The response to CodeZ QR from users, printer service providers and analysts has been tremendous.


CodeZ QR is the only 1-to-1 enterprise QR solution that works across all Windows, Unix, and Mainframe platforms and interfaces with all major document composition and post-composition management tools. Additionally, the CodeZ QR division of COPI is the only group in the world dedicated to 1-to-1 QR.


What is CodeZ QR?

CodeZ QR is the next generation in 2D bar code symbologies. It looks similar to datamatrix, but it is a far superior product. With the placement of CodeZ QR into an organization’s transactional documents, companies literally transform their transactional printing centers from cost centers into profit centers.


CodeZ QR is a high density barcode that’s readable by cell phones and simple PC cams. Recipients can quickly and easily interact with the QR-enabled transactional documents they receive. They simply point their camera at the QR symbol and they are instantly connected to a QR-encoded web page without the recipient ever having to remember or type in numbers and promotional codes; they just point and shoot. The web page could be a sales video or a coupon or product promotion encoded with the specific recipient’s demographic profile.

Marketers can QR-encode personalized URLs (or PURLs) or other web links into a small section of the transpromo-page real estate to enable direct links to the online world. The ease of the process and the fact that the PURL is hidden to the naked eye greatly increases response rates to transform transaction documents into true cross media interactive vehicles for increased customer retention and new customer development.


Essentially, the QR code is a tool that makes cross media Interactivity a reality for organizations by enabling recipients to move quickly and easily from the printed world to the digital world, where they can pay their bill or view an invitation for additional goods or services.


Features such as recipient interactivity, Kanji and Kana character support, enhanced data security, component encodation and increased data capacity make it a stand out. Additionally, unlike the L-shaped frame pattern which orients the scanner for datamatrix codes, QR’s unique three-corner framing pattern has never been contested by intellectual property claims or patents.

COPI CodeZ QR can transform your current transaction and enterprise output to powerful cross media interactive transpromo documents. Indeed, CodeZ QR represents the next evolution in customer acquisition, providing a print-to-web link to drive incremental value from digitally printed communications.

At Print 09, now through Sept. 16, 2009, Océ is showing applications using COPI’s CodeZ QR code for immediate personalized interaction. Full color Océ CS130T Tandem printers will print CodeZ QR symbols embedded in ads in personalized editions of Chicago Where magazine. When scrolled with an enabled phone, the screen links to a page to make reservations at a restaurant, for example, and offer a discount.


For additional information contact, Joe Barber at 888-999-COPI ext JB or JB@888999COPI.com.