Traditional Composition vs. SaaS – How Do They Compare?

January 9, 2015

Review the Key Considerations for Traditional Composition and SaaS

Elixir TechnologiesBy Denise Davert, Director of Marketing, Elixir

“How does my existing composition application compare to today’s SaaS options?”

Denise DavertWe get this question all the time.

Both from Elixir customers considering a move from older Elixir variable data print applications, as well as companies using other legacy software.

The initiative to expand correspondence across multiple channels has many companies looking to their traditional composition tools to vet their capabilities and get the most ROI from existing investments. This is a prudent exercise and one that best includes a high level and long-term view of the Apple - Orangecompany’s objectives related to communication.

If your company is pushing the envelope regarding the capabilities of an existing document composition system, then this information might provide some helpful context. There can be a place for both systems, too; it depends on your goals.

Key Considerations
Key Considerations

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