Five Pillars of In-Plant Growth

April 7, 2014

By Elisha Kasinskas, Marketing Director, Rochester Software Associates, Inc.

Rochester Software AssociatesAstute in-plant managers and service teams are attuned and ahead of the customer. You are an inside partner with a vested interest in customer success. But are you capturing all of the possible print opportunities for your shop?

Read on for an excerpt from our current How to Build a Better In-plant Tips Newsletter, “Five Pillars of In-plant Growth,” about building a framework for in-plant growth and download our "In-Plant: Do You Know Where Your Print Is?" white paper to help you assess the state of operation.

The Five Pillar Framework
RSA Data and TipsEnvision your efforts as building a growth framework. Every connecting point contributes to the overall structure; any point that is lacking weakens the overall structure. Once constructed, the framework offers an outline of where you are and where you are going.

  1. Establish, embed and espouse your vision - Connect and grow and show concern for the success of your customers. If you won’t, someone else will.
  2. Elicit expert opinion - Listen and learn from your vendors, industry resources, etc. and ask yourself: “How does this affect my world?”
  3. Survey to expose your results and plans, identify print costs and external spend, and to capture data and support decisions.
  4. Explain and expand your capacity. Put capacity plans in place for growth and include the plan in presentations, being sensitive to interests by audience.
  5. Examine risk appetite and engage accordingly. Study your landscape. Seek counsel with your executive sponsors. Be wise and ready to act accordingly. Risk management is as important as fiscal management.

Put it All Together and Keep Learning
Pull all five areas together into an action plan for growth. Assign milestones and team members, and update the plan frequently. This roadmap approach with the right information, people, process and vision, enables your customer partnership, brings work back in-house, and ensures you are the “go-to” team uppermost in people’s minds.

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