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Weapons Grade IT Services from Geeks in Khakis - Chapter 4

January 28, 2018

Chapter Four - Future Vision

This is the forth of a 4-article series that looks at IT Weapons’ development as Canada’s premiere experts in managed IT services, and how a cultural commitment to clients and team members are the foundation of their success and ability to support the printer community. For the 4-chapter IT Weapons Grade eBook, touch button below:

Since joining the Konica Minolta family, the IT Weapons team has been impressed by the new opportunities they have and are looking ahead to unlocking additional opportunities that will arise through the combination of core expertise and innovative vision.  When asked what has most impressed him, Ted points to the Konica Minolta Business Innovation Centers.


These centers of innovation look out beyond Konica Minolta’s core businesses and invest in future-building technologies and business process innovations.  This type of environment is clearly in line with ITW’s core culture, which has always been passionate about working with innovative products, solving problems and creating new processes and workflows to help their clients improve their businesses. 

The ITW team also sees opportunities in the rapidly changing world related to the “Internet of Things.”  As intelligent technologies increase their presence in the production world, people who know how to service the physical side of the technology will be crucial to the overall success.  The “brain” can be brilliant, but the “body” still needs to execute the physical part of the process. 

Contributing to The Future

The rising demands for advanced data security services are shaping business decisions across all types of businesses and all sizes of enterprises.  It touches every part of a business’s digital footprint and requires serious, thoughtful strategies to ensure uncompromised performance.

As companies move towards hybrid cloud architecture, ITW will continue to build on their years of experience in providing these capabilities.  They will continue to invest heavily in R&D to stay on the cutting edge. 

enhanced expertiseThe Internet of Things is certainly a big part of that future. Companies are increasingly relying on Business Intelligence tools and data analytics to deliver smarter and better service.

IT Weapons will continue relentlessly improving support of their customers’ continuously evolving technology environments.


Businesses do not exist to use IT - they use IT to exist.

IT Weapons employees need to have more than just great technical skills. They need to have curiosity, passion and the ability to collaborate effectively with others both inside and outside the organization. 

To be a premier services provider in the complex world of IT services, you must speak more than technical-ese. Going into a client’s environment often means going into different parts of the business, and working with a variety of business professionals who may have only a passing knowledge of how their systems work.  They only know what they need it to do. 

Designing anything – from a basic workflow to a complex business recovery strategy requires the ability to speak in the language of the client.  It is critical to understand that what is important to the HR team can be different from what the Payroll department needs, even if they use the same system. 

People & Culture


In between our efforts, triumphs, late nights, and dedication to our clients, comes a fast-paced, team-oriented and friendly culture that helps drive the success of our organization. An open concept office and centralized meeting areas help create a casual and collaborative atmosphere. Neckties are cut loose on day one to help emphasize our unique philosophy. Staying fast, efficient, and flawless is our competitive edge. Our team-first approach extends far beyond typical business hours. IT Weapons runs our own internal basketball league, we play weekly competitive hockey, and hosts multiple social events throughout the year. We cut loose with barbecues, poker nights, an annual company retreat, catered gourmet lunches, and more. A team that plays together wins together.

Talent and Experience

IT Weapons draws on a range of talented, experienced employees who can translate client needs into requirements and ultimately, solutions. They are fluent in PMP, the language of the Project Management Professional.  They understand how people interact with technology, and how to make that interaction less of a mystery and more of a competitive advantage.  The sum of all these skills equals a correct, complete and robust set of IT services that provide clients the confidence that their managed IT services partner has them covered.

Clients Speak

IT StrategyIT Weapons serves companies across a range of industries throughout Canada.  Clients came to IT Weapons for very specific projects and then discover a much broader spectrum of offerings that ultimately leads them to a more secure, structured and flexible IT strategy.

Drive Products is one of the top vehicle equipment suppliers in Canada. They have been an IT Weapons partner for over 15 years, and trust ITW to manage and support their entire IT environment, from end-user support to device management within a private Cloud. They like the all-in-one model, which requires no capital investment for them. They get standardized hardware, easier training and implementation, and excellent infrastructure and end user management.  This arrangement helped Drive Products free up resources to focus on their core business and allows them to scale their IT spend as business conditions change.

The Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (OSPCA) is the largest animal welfare organization in Canada.  For non-profits, effective cost management is vital to their ability to provide needed services.  OSPCA moved to the ITW Cloud, and was able to reduce costs by extending the lifecycle of their devices, and saw increases in uptime, security, and reliability.

“They are more than a vendor – they are a valued partner and an extension of our IT Team.”

weapons felt safe2IT Weapons Clients share their success stories HERE.

Feel Safe

Beyond IT Weapons’ core business, they will be providing the print industry secure cloud solutions and managed IT services as part of the Konica Minolta team of innovative, forward-looking service and support professionals.

With IT Weapon’s award-winning IT expertise and proven success principles, printers across Canada can now feel ‘Safe’ with the computer systems their companies depend on, and their clients entrust their data to.

“Isn’t it time you felt safe?”

To follow the IT Weapons journey from boutique start-up to an industry leader, download the 4-part IT Weapons Grade eBook

IT Weapons bulletsIT Weapons, a division of Konica Minolta, is a Canadian leader in secure cloud solutions and managed IT services. Trust IT Weapons to help you simplify technology and transform your business with premier security and compliance, and award-winning client experience.

weapons felt safe

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