See Impossible at 'One Canon' Industry Analyst Summit 2016

September 12, 2016

By Andy & Julie Plata, co-CEOs, OutputLinks Communications Group

Andy and Julie PlataThis report regarding the ‘One Canon’ Industry Analyst Summit, held August 2016, can be of value to print professionals trying to determine which suppliers are making efforts to stay ahead of the change curve for their and their client’s benefit. As such, we are focusing on our impressions of the implications of the realignment announcements and their relevance to Canon stakeholders. We look forward to your feedback at the end of the article.

Andy & Julie


How important is an event when the Chairman and CEO of Canon USA and the CEO of Canon Solutions America and most of their direct reports spend the entire day with a group of imaging industry analysts?

By that measure, we would rate the recent 'One Canon Analyst Summit' as the most important Canon analyst event we have attended over the past five years.

Presentations at most imaging industry analyst events are usually focused primarily on detailed information about the company’s market presence and speeds, feeds, and innovations of their newest technologies. But the primary topic at the invitation-only ‘One Canon’ Industry Analyst Summit was very much different.

The Topic Objective
From our perspective, the primary objective of the invitation-only event was to present the company’s new “One Canon” corporate initiative and to explain it’s relationship to the See Impossible strategy Canon initiated a few years ago. Another prime objective seemedCanon Park Melville NY to be the opportunity to gain feedback from the attending media and analysts on the potential to increase leadership across all of Canon’s markets as a result of the “One Canon” initiative.

See Impossible
Joe Adachi, chairman and CEO of Canon Americas, is the chief visionary and architect of See Impossible. The See Impossible strategy is to have every Canon employee focusing on ‘making the impossible possible’ by pushing themselves to consistently improve products, services, and customer experiences. By looking beyond the possible to imagine solutions to the impossible, Canon endeavors to provide its customers ‘game changing’ technology to enhance their businesses.

A core aspect of the strategy is the company’s statement that “We believe there are no limits to what an image can do. That is why we have used our history of imaging expertise to drive innovation across new industries, all with a single, clear vision: To help our customers See Impossible.”

This seems to be a very important statement as it signifies that rather than abandoning their photo imaging technologies like Kodak and others have (in response to digital and cell phone cameras), Canon is committed to using its imaging innovations to drive new business opportunities inclusive of and beyond photography.

Canon See Impossible Examples of imaging innovations include the recently announced Canon sensor unit capable of capturing up to 250 million pixels and new technologies used to drive higher resolutions in medical, vision, security and space exploration technology. See examples, Click Here.

By applying those innovations in imaging to print and display output, the company feels they are positioned to consistently deliver innovative output solutions that will help clients ‘See the Impossible’ to ignite their future and take their companies to ever growing success.

Mr. Adachi stressed that See Impossible is a highly customer-centric approach focused on how Canon solutions are being used by customers to improve their businesses.

One Canon: The Visionary
The chief visionary and architect of the ‘One Canon’ strategy is Toyo Kuwamura. Mr. Kuwamura has served for the past three years as CEO and President of Canon Solutions America, and eleven months ago had executive vice president and general manager of Canon U.S.A.’s Business Imaging Solutions Group (BISG) added to his duties. And then at the Conference, it was announced that he was once again being promoted to head three more Canon Group Companies (see below). During the announcement, Toyo joked he was now wearing five hats.

If you want a job done well, give it to a busy person

Mr. Kuwamura’s ‘One Canon’ business strategy applies to the company’s B-to-B divisions and is focused on the company’s products, organization, and clients. “LET’S UNLOCK THE IMPOSSIBLE TOGETHER” seemed to be the underlying purpose driving the initiative.

Here are our impressions of how ‘One Canon’ affects the company’s products, organization, and clients.

“One Canon” The Products
Mr. Adachi shared that Canon’s wide array of products (for medical, video, security, mixed reality, software, print, cameras, publishing, eye care...) are now classified, under the ‘One Canon’ strategy, as input or output platforms. Canon’s software platforms will integrate those input and output platforms to meet the customer’s specific business needs.

Unifying products under these categories of input, output, and integration will help customers and partners better benefit from Canon’s control of all the critical input, software, and output presentation platforms. ‘One Canon’ is positioned to serve the specific needs of clients with the right information at the right place at the right times.

The ‘One Canon’ initiative fosters a more unified and efficient operation that will make it easier for Canon’s employees, partners and customers to See the Impossible.

Mr. Adachi shared that no company, other than Canon, has total control of the information journey from inception (via its input platforms), to processing (via its software platforms), to output (via its printer and presentation platforms). This end-to-end information journey control seems to provide Canon a distinct advantage over other companies that are involved in only a few segments of the complete information journey.

A goal is to have employees more fully understand the broad range of solution portfolios from the various “One Canon” Group Companies to allow them to more holistically serve customers and partners. For customers who are looking for one supplier for an end to end solution “One Canon” and the team working together is set to deliver.

“One Canon” The Organization
Toyo Kuwamura’s duties have expanded greatly over the past few months to include leadership control of the following Canon Group Companies:

  1. Canon Business Imaging Solutions Group (BISG);
  2. Canon Solutions America (CSA);
  3. Canon Information and Imaging Solutions (CIIS);
  4. Canon Financial Services (CFS);
  5. Canon Business Process Services (CBPS).

The previous business model had each of these five Group Companies working individually to support customers and partners. The senior Canon Solutions America (CSA) executives have now been assigned Canon USA titles and responsibilities in addition to their CSA titles and responsibilities. This seemed to be a bit confusing since CSA and Canon USA are separate organizations, but it was explained as a process to better facilitate the ‘One Canon’ unification.

This new, unified, collaborative “One Canon” organization reporting to a single, proven leader is positioned for quick and efficient unified responses to the constantly changing business and technology climate. The end goal is to better help customers, partners and employees to See Impossible to achieve ever greater success.

Canon Business Imaging Solutions Group

‘One Canon’ the Client and Partner Experience
‘One Canon’ was designed to transform the company from a product to a customer-centric organization to make it easier for customers and partners to benefit from all of Canon’s offerings to meet their broad business needs.

Prior to ‘One Canon’, a multi-services client had to deal with multiple divisions to acquire hardware, software, maintenance, professional services, and financing. This new single leadership structure enables a more holistic approach to decisions affecting clients. No longer will pricing and financing decisions need to be made in separate company divisions. By eliminating redundancy to break down the sales and decision silos, Canon is simplifying the customer journey for more timely responses. All this equates to an enhanced experience for the company’s customers and partners.

Prior to ‘One Canon’ FIVE Client Facing Organizations

Canon Customers and Partners

Under ‘One Canon’ ONE Client Facing Organizations

ONE Canon

The ‘One Canon’; initiative is based on three pillars:

(1)  See innovation;

(2)  See possibility;

(3)  See smart solutions.

As a customer-driven organization ‘One Canon’ believes it can collaboratively focus on enabling customers and partners to leverage the full power of Canon’s integrated solutions to successfully drive their businesses forward into the future by unlocking the impossible.

In Closing
Mr. Adachi said it best “Let's unlock the impossible together!” Canon’s mission is clear – empower customers to grow their businesses beyond mere success to See Impossible.

May our synopsis of the ‘One Canon’ Industry Analyst Summit provide you a glimpse into the Company's vision for the future of its B-to-B business under the Business Imaging Solutions Group (BISG). And most importantly, we hope this article provided you information to help you better deal with the new ‘One Canon'.

We applaud Canon U.S.A.’s extensive efforts to realign their company to simplify and enhance opportunities for customers and partners to benefit from all of Canon’s products, services and knowledge offerings.

Thank you for sharing your time with us,
Andy & Julie

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