Konica Minolta Embodies the 'Wow' Factor at 2016 Dealer Conference

September 19, 2016

By Andy & Julie Plata, co-CEOs, OutputLinks Communications Group

If your goal was to let your dealer-partners know that you truly valued them and their success, how would you do it?

Would you:

  • Take them to Aspen, Colorado, one of the world’s classiest resort towns;
  • Put them up in luxurious hotels, like the St. Regis and Ritz Carlton;
  • Have their meetings at the Aspen Institute, one of the premier leadership retreats;
  • Present them with renown speakers, like Steve Forbes, Peyton Manning, and Shoei Yamana;
  • Shower the top performers with valuable prizes like a BMW, Tesla, and a Super Bowl trip?

Well, that is exactly what Konica Minolta Business Solutions (KMBS) did.

And then - Bill Troxil, Senior Vice President of Strategic Business Development, showed KMBS’s dedication to growing its business through the dealer channel by informing them that as bigger, higher value equipment comes to market, “We are going to do it with you.” That means Konica Minolta dealers will have the opportunity to sell highly profitable equipment like the AccurioJet KM-1 and the MGI JETvarnish 3DW, and a dealer dedicated KMBS team has been created to help them sell, install and maintain the equipment.

Why Is This Important To You, The General User
If you are looking for suppliers that will do ‘whatever it takes’ to meet commitments to you and your company, then we trust this article will give you a glimpse into such a supplier. In addition, if you buy your technology from a dealer, it is important that you know if your dealer is a respected, happy, financially successful enterprise since that type of company tends to be a more reliable supplier.

KMBS 2016 Dealer Conference

Konica Minolta was determined to create a unique and valued experience for their dealers. And, it all worked! The dealers we spoke to were very, very impressed with the show of respect and the new revenue opportunities they received at the 2016 Dealer Conference, held in August 2016.

Since we wanted to focus on the commitment and dedication it took to make it happen, this article will not be detailing the vast array of technology demonstrated at the conference.

Whatever It Takes
One of Konica Minolta’s vision statements is “We are an innovative company that is robust and constantly evolving.” Therefore, the company set a goal to find an innovative way to move beyond the typical dealer conference environment, and Aspen seemed the perfect spot for a unique, upscale venue.

Rick Taylor - Konica MinoltaRick Taylor, President & CEO Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A., Inc., referenced a few times over the 3-day event that KMBS considers their business a marathon versus a sprint. And that type of marathon thinking was what it took to make this event come true. The word, impossible, came up many times as the Aspen event was in development. When challenges appear, some give up, and others find a way over, around, or under to get it done.

Challenge: How to accommodate participants when no hotel in Aspen was large enough to accommodate 1,000 people.

Solution: Rent every available room in the luxury hotels throughout Aspen and Snowmass and arrange transportation to and from all hotels and venues.

Challenge: How to transport the equipment that could not make it up the mountain roads to Aspen.

Solution: Fly them in.

Challenge: How to get enough electricity at the Aspen Institute to power large, power hungry 30’ video screens, printers, and label converters in addition to hundreds of computer workstations, MFPs, and displays.

Solution: Bring in a semi-tractor trailer loaded with huge amounts of electrical generating capacity.

Challenge: How to accommodate all the Konica Minolta, MGI and partner demonstration equipment when buildings at the Aspen Institute were too small and too few.

Solution: Use space in every available building creatively and set up tents along the walkways for many of the demonstration stations.

Challenge: How to plan months in advance for an outdoor-focused event when it was impossible to predict the weather and temperature in September.

Solution: Pray.

Despite all the challenges noted above and a half day of rain, the conference was a great success due in no small part to the fortitude and attitude of the KMBS team to make this spectacular, mountain-venue work, whatever it took.

If Konica Minolta Business Solutions could make the Aspen event a great success despite the challenges noted above and so much more, what might they do to help solve your company’s challenging problems?

We hope our review of the business commitments and marathon-attitude we experienced during the event are of value to your business.

Thank you for reading,
Andy & Julie Plata

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