Fair Negotiations, Successful Production Print, The Case for Color

February 13, 2017
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Fair Negotiations Do You 'Fight Hard and Fight Fair'?
Canon's Seymour Liebman offers more insights on the negotiation skills he's learned from decades of industry experience. Why leave behind rubble when you can leave a foundation on which to build?

Successful Production Print Needs Equipment at Optimal Levels
When asked to rate the operational efficiency of their equipment vs. when it was new, 48 percent of commercial mail operators rated it as average and 29 percent rated it as slightly above average.

Customer Loyalty Who's No. 1 in Customer Loyalty?
"We have set high standards for our customer experience and continually work to optimize our customer's journey."

Featured Solution: The AccurioJet KM-1 UV Inkjet Press
The image quality and reliability of this press opens up the possibilities of new printing services. See for yourself; request Konica Minolta to print YOUR test file.
Request Your Test File

GOA 2017 News - Feb. 16-18, Ft. Lauderdale Fla.
The First Print Trade Show of The Year - Register Here
GOA Video Preview
Nova Pressroom to Showcase at GOA
Intergraph Corporation Features Intec Printing Solutions at GOA
Pamarco to Roll-Out Four New Products
Colter & Peterson to Introduce Cutter Control System
Preview This Week’s GOA Educational Line-Up
Best of Both Worlds: The NBM Show and GOA Co-Locate

Valuable Insights and Resources
Preserving the Useful Life of Older Systems
Create a State-of-the-Art Print & Digital Dialogue
Increasing Production Capacity While Reducing Cost and Waste
Streamlining the Print Procurement Process

Color Wheel The Case for Color
Four-color inkjet technology has yet to deliver the same value proposition for trade books and other book segments where color is dominant. As a result, long offset runs continue to monopolize production of color books.

Best Practices of High-Performance Print Sales Organizations
"The industry has come a long way in increasing profitability through technology advancements that have improved manufacturing efficiencies, but has lagged in improving sales practices."

The Future of Print in the United States
A new video brings to life the key findings and new business strategies from the landmark study, The Future of Print in the U.S. - Landscape, Implications and Opportunities.


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