Reduce Transactional Mail Costs, Data Driven Print and VDP

March 6, 2017
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Seymour and Mindy Liebman Service and Stewardship
After 43+ years, what keeps a senior executive of a multi-billion dollar global enterprise striving to make the impossible possible? Seymour Liebman shares how his involvement with family, community and Canon's newest break-through technologies helps keep him centered and motivated.

Reduce Costs How to Reduce Transactional Mail Costs
How much does a damaged piece of mail really cost? The use of a 'Automated Reprint Workflow Solution' helps to drive down these costs with a reprint inserter module.

Featured Video: Data Driven Print and VDP
Learn how to integrate indesign files with variable data. Power your communications with variable data and win with advanced flexible design-to-production workflows.
Watch the Video

SaaS What's Transforming the CCM Market
Will SaaS applications and subscription pricing disrupt customer communication management? With the shift to SaaS and subscription pricing, CCM vendors offer customers a low cost of entry and pay-as-you-go convenience that scales to changing business needs.

Scholarship EDSF Accepting Scholarship Applications for Fall
Do you know someone interested in the Document Management or Graphic Communications industry? Check out the scholarships available and eligibility.

Optimal Mail
                                                        Piece Understanding Optimal Mail Piece Design
Are you over looking in the cost calculation the impact of design decisions has on postage? Read how automation discounts could save on postage costs.

Gaining Automation, Speed and Agility with Cloud-Based SaaS CCM
As organizations plan for the immediate future, a SaaS CCM approach is worth a closer look, especially if it integrates with existing delivery systems that the organization has heavily invested in.

10 Brands That Illustrate the New "Direct" Marketing
The distinction between direct marketing and other marketing is dated, and these businesses are proving it.

Faulty Document Output Management is Costing You
This is evidenced by the fact that few companies can accurately quantify their aggregate document output volume or net expense.


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