Keeping Data Secure and Accessible, Value of Customer Interaction

March 13, 2017
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Konica Minolta - ECM Misplaced or Misfiled Data Solution
How secure and accessible is your company's data? Learn how you can keep your data secure and at the same time be able to access your data whenever needed with ECM technology.

XMPie - uMerge Save Money with Cost Effective Direct Mail Solutions
Companies are saving money by streamlining the logistics of direct mail workflow. Learn how you too can motivate recipients to respond to direct mail campaigns and get the best postal rates.

                                            Lambert - Bell and Howell Unlocking the Value of Customer Interaction
Are you striving for a competitive advantage to retain customers? An omnichannel solution can improve customer communications and retain consumers through improved customer service.

Elixir - SaaS Platform How Approval-Based Workflows Increase Productivity
You can reduce wasted time with a proper workflow in place. By using a SaaS platform, the likelihood for an excess of wasted time and expensive print runs decreases.

Kodak & Xerox: An Inkjet Printing Business Sale??
Kodak recorded a 2016 profit and is now rumored to be selling their Prosper inkjet division, located in Dayton, Ohio. The most likely buyer seems to be Xerox but until the cash register rings, nothing is certain. See what Prosper's hometown newspaper has to say about the potential sale.

GMC Software Continues to Invest in Our Industry's Education Programs
GMC Software presented two scholarships to current CCM professionals for the first university-level CX certification program, held at Rutgers University and offered in connection with the Rutgers Center for Innovation Education.

Print Optimization, an Undervalued Area for Business Cost Savings
The print optimization process optimization benefits are so far-reaching and relevant that it is vital to remind companies of its importance.


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