New Label Paper Quality with Increased Wet Opacity: Zanders Introduces Zanlabel High Gloss

May 8, 2018

Zanders has expanded its label paper portfolio: Zanlabel high gloss, a high-luster, single-sided double-coated quality, is characterized by its particularly high wet opacity. It has an extra-smooth surface with an attractive appearance and pleasant feel, which achieves excellent printing and finishing results. Sample orders can now be placed via the Zanders website or by mailing [email protected]

The Zanlabel portfolio thus comprises a total of three qualities and seamlessly addresses the different needs of the beverage, food and consumer goods industries. Zanlabel gloss, scores with its smooth surface, outstanding printing results and color gloss. With its pleasantly napped feel, Zanlabel touch is particularly recommended for brands that want to emphasize their natural, alternative orientation or deliberately avoid high-gloss packaging to stand out from established products. The range is now rounded off by Zanlabel high gloss, which guarantees full opacity in the wet-strength version WS T even with light colors or minimal printing in the wet state.

The Zanlabel qualities in detail

The new quality Zanlabel high gloss is a single-sided double-coated label paper ensuring excellent printing and finishing results. It is alkali-resistant and is suitable for use as a wet glue label for returnable bottles and as base paper for metalization, among other applications. In the wet-strength version WS T, Zanlabel high gloss offers particularly high wet opacity due to the addition of titanium dioxide (T). It is available in grammages of 65 and 68 gsm.

Zanlabel gloss is one-side double-coated and has a smooth surface, which enables outstanding printing results with the highest printing color gloss. With lin embossing, this quality provides a non-slip feel and differs from the smooth label papers in their typically structured surface. Zanlabel gloss is available in non-wet strength (NWS), light-wet strength (LWS) and wet strength (WS) grades from 70 to 120 gsm. It is suitable for numerous applications, such as wet-glue labels for disposable, reusable and PET bottles; food and non-food container labels as well as wraparound labels.

Zanlabel touch is an uncoated, bright white label paper and, thanks to its special surface treatment, expressive levels of printing and superb finishing are achieved with hot foil and blind embossing. The wet-strength (WS) Zanlabel touch is especially suitable for beverage manufacturers who want to convey the message of naturalness, rarity or special craftsmanship. Natural, sustainably produced ingredients or a uniquely individual production method as with craft beers, single malt whiskies or Artisan wines can be emphasized by a pleasantly authentic look and feel. Zanlabel touch is available in 70, 80 and 90 gsm as well as in vergé and lin embossed versions and, in common with the environmentally-friendly standards of the entire Zanders range, is made from FSC-certified, sustainably obtained pulp.

About Zanders

Zanders is a German manufacturer of high quality speciality papers and boards developed especially for labels, packaging and graphical applications. Founded by Johann Wilhelm Zanders in Bergisch Gladbach in 1829, the company still operates the Gohrsmühle paper mill there today with around 500 employees. Its range encompasses high-gloss finished label papers and premium board grades forming part of the traditional Chromolux brand, one of the world's leading brands of paper, as well as superb grades with a particularly smooth and natural surface respectively. They encompass the Zanlabel types of label paper as well as the Zanpack grades of packaging board. Zanders offers premium brands Chromolux digital, Silver digital and Zanpack silk digital particularly developed for digital printing as well as Zanjet, a coated two side inkjet paper available for high speed commercial inkjet printing. The portfolio is completed by the flexible packaging paper Zankraft and Zanflex as well as the barrier paper Zanbarrier OGR. Manufacturers of beverages including spirits, sparkling wine, wine, beer and water, grocery and luxury food products, tobacco products, as well as pharmaceutical and cosmetics products are Zanders’ business clients

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