Canon Australia Announces 7-Colour Arizona 6100 Series

May 26, 2014

Canon announces new high volume Arizona wide format flatbed for rigid media printing

Canon Australia, a world leader in imaging solutions, today announces the global launch of the Océ Arizona 6100 Series, an entirely new Arizona series printer platform designed for sign and display print service providers who produce over 30,000m² of printed rigid media per year and capable of blistering speeds of up to 155m² per hour. Comprised of the 6-colour Océ Arizona 6160 XTS and the 7-colour Océ Arizona 6170 XTS, the Océ Arizona 6100 Series extends the award-winning technology of the Arizona range to a new level of productivity and, for the first time, gives the high volume rigid printing market access to Arizona print quality, application versatility and ease of use.

Dale Hawkins category manager for Canon Australia explains. “A great many Australian customers that started out with an Océ Arizona have since grown their business dramatically with Canon by their side. The new Océ Arizona 6160/6170 XTS models enable them to continue with Canon on that journey in the next phase of their business growth.”

In its debut appearance, the new Océ Arizona 6100 Series took centre stage on the Canon stand at FESPA Digital in Munich. With a focus on pure productivity, the Arizona 6100 Series has been optimised for the efficient and high speed production of rigid media applications. Designed as a dedicated flatbed system, the series features an extra-large 2.5m x 3.05m vacuum table to keep media and objects stationary during printing for optimal print quality and rigid media application versatility. The true flatbed architecture supports the broadest range of rigid media applications, including printing on odd-shaped, heavy, smooth or pre-cut rigid media, the production of high value, multi-layer applications, double-sided prints in perfect register, large prints tiled over multiple boards with perfect geometry, and edge-to-edge printing without hassle or mess.

Dale continues. “The new high volume 6100 series Arizona is perfectly suited to address the growing and changing dynamics in the Australian display printing market.”

Australia continues to be an important market for Arizona globally with the 4,000th Arizona sold worldwide to a longstanding customer in Sydney this year. Dale adds “Australian display printers were consulted early on in the products initial development and Australian customers were privileged to attend our Vancouver R&D centre to experience a special preview of the product under strict confidentiality agreement well before its product release later this year.”

The flatbed table has two independent printing zones, each with its own vacuum system, for simultaneous printing and media loading/unloading, so that one board can be always staged and ready, while the other is being printed, enabling non-stop production. Alternatively, the two zones can be combined into one to enable 2.5m x 3.05m prints. Pneumatic registration pins ensure a quick, repeatable, easy loading of rigid media in perfect register every time. Together with a high-flow vacuum system for effective pull-down of even warped rigid media, it means that the operator needs only seconds to load even the largest boards in perfect register. With media loading this easy, a single operator can service two printers simultaneously, producing almost 50 boards per hour in Production mode.

Dale insists. “The speed, productivity, workflow and ease of use of the 6100 series is perfectly suited to high volume Australian printers who may have been impressed with Arizona print quality in the past, but needed something more productive to handle the larger volumes”. These new engine models represent a serious alternative and challenge to existing players in that higher volume UV flatbed segment.”

With almost 27,000 piezoelectric nozzles in a seven-row printing carriage, the Arizona 6100 Series rapidly and reliably produces inkjet print output at speeds up to 155m² per hour. A newly designed Automated Printhead Maintenance System provides completely automated, hands-free printhead cleaning in less than 25 seconds per colour, making the vast array of nozzles available and ready to print at any time. Employing the award-winning Océ VariaDot™ printing technology as all other Arizona Series printers, the Océ Arizona 6100 Series also offers the same ‘near photographic’ print quality, while using light inks for reliable printing in even the fastest production modes. Finally, Active Pixel Placement Compensation, ensures that every pixel is adjusted to land exactly where intended for accurate, uniform print geometry over the entire flatbed. The Océ Arizona 6100 Series printers are easily expandable with two additional available ink channels for white ink application support and future use. A hardware/software interface allows for easy integration with third-party automation and workflow systems. The new Océ Arizona 6100 Series will establish Canon technology partner that can take customers on the entire journey from just getting into the market at an entry level Arizona where to high volume capacity.

Dale explains “Canon now has the breadth of models in the UV flatbed space to help customers step into display printing from an entry level segment right through to the higher volume space. It’s a great advantage to be able to offer that to our customers. Many of our customers tell us that it’s reassuring to know that when they step into a partnership with Canon we are able to meet their needs now and into the future.”

Canon Australia will be taking initial orders for the New Océ Arizona 6100 Series this month with a formal launch expected in Australia around September/October timeframe.

In summary

  1. New Océ Arizona 6100 Series features two models: 6-colour Océ Arizona 6160 XTS and 7-colour Océ Arizona 6170 XTS
  2. Arizona print quality at speeds up to 155m² per hour for print service providers who produce 30,000+m² of printed rigid media per year
  3. Featuring automated printhead maintenance, pneumatic media registration pins, high-flow vacuum system, and two independent printing zones for non-stop printing

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