Putting it Together: System Integration that Works

July 1, 2013


As operations look to optimize and automate their business and production processes as well as launch new marketing services, the topic of “integration” is something that is bound to come up. With so many different software tools, systems, repositories, and technologies that often exist within print businesses, defining what exactly integration entails can be challenging.

Integration requirements must be aligned with the goals of optimization and automation as well as the ability to offer new marketing services. The ultimate goal is to successfully create a logical, efficient flow of information. In approaching integration, businesses need to consider the scope and scale, the choice of internal versus external execution, and the associated technical issues that need to follow to ensure an effective end-result.

Topics Covered in This White Paper:

  • When is Integration Needed?
  • The Right Resources Why External System Integration?
  • Access to Skilled Expertise
  • Time to Market
  • The Ability to Focus on Core Competencies
  • Lower Costs
  • Tecra: Integration Solutions that Deliver Results
  • Custom Programming that Works for xpressdocs
  • Helping Pitney Bowes with Complex Solutions
  • Programming Support to Help Budco Leverage Touchpoints
  • Making Web Storefronts Work for Allegra Network Franchisees
  • The Bottom Line
  • About the Author

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