Sefas - Embracing Centralized Customer Communications in a Digital Age

June 30, 2013

The customer communications market continues to evolve. Marketers are increasingly interested in gaining control of transactional communications; consumers are demanding seamless messaging across print, web, mobile, and social channels; and IT and Operations are tasked with integration of new channels and changes to legacy communications templates– often using antiquated tools and limited resources. The evolution of customer communications will directly impact all major organizational stakeholders. The question is: how will your organization respond?

Topics Covered in This White Paper:

  • Key Findings
  • Recommendations
  • The Evolution of Customer Communications
  • Comsumer Trends
  • IT and Print Production Trends
  • Implications on the Enterprise
  • Embracing Multi-channel Customer Communications
  • Benefits of a Digital Document Strategy
  • InfoTrends' Opinion

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