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  June 3, 2019- A group of concerned associations, educators and industry representatives has formed the Graphic Communications Workforce Coalition. As stated in its organizing documents, “The purpose of the coalition will be to coordinate the efforts of all organizations representing the broad scope of the graphic communications industry for creat... Read More

Alumni in Print – Where Are They Now? The Print and Graphics Scholarship Foundation is publishing profiles featuring some of their more than 6000 former scholarship recipients. This series gives you an up close and personal insight into the thoughts and motivations of the former students who are a part of our industry today.  As our current employe... Read More

The University of Houston’s College of Technology’s Digital Media Program is the latest school to adopt the new textbook, Introduction to Graphic Communication, 2nd Edition. Authored by Cal Poly Professor emeritus Harvey Levenson and former Seybold editor John Parsons, the book is the first to use Ricoh’s free Clickable Paper app to make the printe... Read More