Management Team

The Chairman of the Advisory Board

John Lopiano
  • Past President of the Xerox division that served the HVTO industry;
  • Past Chairman of the Advisory Board of four HVTO companies;
  • Past Chairman of the Electronic Document Systems Foundation;
  • Trustee at the Rochester Institute of Technology.

The President & CEO

Andy Plata
  • Pioneer in the HVTO industry as one of the first users of HVTO equipment;
  • President of Computer Output Print & Internet (COPI)
  • Served as an advisor to most of the major HVTO companies;
  • Founding member and past president of Xplor; the document management association;
  • Member Vendor Advisory Board of the AIIM On Demand Conference;

The Chief Administrative Officer

Julie Plata
  • Pioneer in the Canadian HVTO industry;
  • Founding member of the Laser Training Institute;
  • Training and technical consultation to the major HVTO vendors;
  • Managed and owned major HVTO outsource companies in the US and Canada.

The Advisory Board's marketing executive

Nina Smith
  • Served as Chief Marketing Officer at Xerox;
  • Served as Vice President of Marketing for WebTrends;
  • Serves as Chief Marketing Office of Best Software, US;

The Advisory Board's sales executive

Ron Friedman
  • Past President; COO of Group 1 Software, one of the top 100 software companies in the world.
  • Oversaw Group 1’s initial public offering and expansion to annual revenues of $100+M.
  • President of Customized Selling Solutions International LLC (CSSI) specializing in sales training.

The Advisory Board's marketing executive

Brian Baxendale
  • Chairman, Electronic Document Systems Foundation
  • Recently retired, President, Enterprise Relationship Development, Pitney Bowes
  • International business specialist

Editorial and Media Relations Consultant

Aaron Kiel
  • Prior employed by Xplor, the document management association as its Editor;
  • Recognized as an editorial resource by the HVTO industry;
  • Strong relationships with media professional in the HVTO media and vendor community.