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A Different Approach: Breaking the Barrier to Production Inkjet Competitive advantages are the key to a production printer’s success. Those advantages often result from integrating the right technology, at the right price for today’s short-run, customized, variable-data printing environment. For those considering the toner to inkjet migration, th... Read More

Major print buyers are beginning to require diversity initiatives from their suppliers. This Whitepaper provides background and detail on gender and diversity equity in print to help determine, “What’s the real story?”. With progressive leadership and action, the printing industry can increase its stature by being a gender equity and diversity refo... Read More

What Are Your Ambitions…….For Your Company?.............What Are Your Organization’s Ambitions? Whether you win, or do not win --- this project, there are opportunities for continued dialogue, and follow-up, if we ask relevant, thoughtful questions, and provide our Buyer --- with helpful, useful information. Read More

Flash Reproductions: 2nd Generation Commercial Printer Migrates to Inkjet to Support Graphic Designers American Printer interviewed Rich Pauptit, president of Flash Reproductions, a premier provider of award-winning print projects. And, we also attended a Flash-hosted gathering for Toronto's graphic design community. At that event, Rich demonstra... Read More