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Deborah Corn’s podcast with Andy & Julie Plata discusses the future workforce as universities continue canceling graphic arts programs. The Platas share how a university upgraded courses, with industry vendor assistance, to attract digital-native millennials. Graduates learn to initiate, produce, and manage a broad mix of media disciplines - includ... Read More

Developing breakthrough print technology is a daunting task. But, doing that while a company is dealing with the multi-year organizational upheaval seems almost impossible. Xerox accomplished the impossible! The new 100% Xerox designed from the ground up, high-quality, high-speed, cut-sheet inkjet press – The Baltoro HF Inkjet Press - will bring ma... Read More

PE firms like Siris, who bought EFI, seem to be recognizing the unrealized value in the print, packaging, and label industry. As more senior print professionals join PE firms investments should accelerate. Recent PE examples: Platinum Equity buys Pitney Bowes DMT; ICV buys SG360; Arion Partners financed ePac; Apollo buys Pitney Bowes Services; Icah... Read More

INTERACT 2019’s 300+ attendees gained new insights into Ricoh’s future plans and latest technology platforms. One of the event’s technology highlights was the new RICOH VC 70000 with early owners sharing their operational experiences and new revenue opportunities. A new ‘Operational Excellence’ education track focused on lean manufacturing, media,... Read More

Marketers discarded the old communications channels when the shiny new digital ones arrived like in the movie Toy Story where Woody was discarded for Buzz Lightyear. BUT, as the new begins fading, the old is often reconsidered. Digital delivery systems are beginning to fade. So - now is the time to promote print to ‘top of mind’ with storytelling.... Read More