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“I could not be prouder of our dedicated team members who quickly mobilized to provide this essential ingredient for hand sanitizer. We will continue to work closely with New York and federal reps to identify other ways to bring Kodak’s resources and technology to bear in the fight against this pandemic,” said Jim Continenza, Executive Chairman, Ko...

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“Making the switch to SONORA Plates was simple, especially with the great support we received from Kodak. The impact on our printing process once we started using the plates and our new CTPs was felt immediately. With no need for a plate processor anymore, we eliminated the time and cost of managing that process,” said Richard Featherston, Trumbull...

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Packaging printer Kinyosha Printing Co. started production on the newly installed UTECO Sapphire EVO Press UTECO Sapphire EVO Press powered by KODAK Stream Inkjet Technology. “It is exciting to be the first operating installation site in the world for this ground breaking capability in the packaging market.”

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